Companies are always experimenting with bread makers to come up with better and easier-to-use products. Bread has been a staple in our diets since time immemorial. We have come a long way from manually kneading the dough to firing up a brick or wooden oven for baking. Today, thanks to some amazing bread machines, we can bake our own bread at home easily.

Yes, some would argue that why not buy your bread from a bakery? Well, store-bought products often are loaded with chemical preservatives or unhealthy sugars to give them a longer shelf-life and taste. And, the task of making bread at home from scratch can be very tiring. But now, with these bread makers, making your loaves at home can be very easy. With the amazing gen-next features in most of these machines, you can choose different program settings and bake your wheat bread, French bread, or even gluten-free bread.

I recently purchased the CalmDo 2.2LB Bread Maker Machine. The market is flooded with different bread machines, but I liked this one for its no-nonsense, simple, and efficient features. Here below, I will run you through the features, pros and cons, and specifications of this machine so that you can make an informed decision.

About the Product: CalmDo 2.2LB Bread Maker Machine

Bread is a naturally straightforward food product that only needs flour, yeast, salt, and water to make. If you’ve developed a love for the craft of baking bread, getting a few extra tools will almost certainly improve the standard of your finished goods. The 2.2 Pound Professional Bread Maker is a standout option for anyone looking to make fresh bread because it combines attractive design with top-notch functionality.

CalmDo 2.2LB Bread Maker Machine is an amazing stainless steel bread maker that comes with an automatic fruit and nut dispenser, a non-stick ceramic pot, 15 menu settings, 3 loaf sizes, and 3 crust sizes. It sums up your perfect home bakery tool loaded with features and options. 

Priced at $159.99, this CalmDo 2.2LB Bread Maker Machine is a clever investment for households that consume a lot of bread. While some may argue that nothing beats the taste of homemade bread, the fact that making bread from scratch at home weighs heavily on the benefits. In today’s world, where both partners work, it is tough to get homemade meals. This CalmDo Bread Maker Machine solves the purpose of eating homemade bread.

Features of CalmDo 2.2LB Bread Maker Machine

  • 15 Fully Automatic Pre-programmed Menu Options: 

This CalmDo 2.2LB Bread Maker machine comes with 15 programs with distinctive knob designs, including Basic Bread, French Bread, Whole-wheat Bread, Quick Bread, Sweet Bread, Sandwiches, Gluten-free Bread, and Mix, which can be accessed by turning the knob. Even special yogurt, dessert, dough, jam, and cake menu options are available. Now you can bake and make your own bread at home.

  • 3 Crust Colors and 3 Loaf Sizes:

CalmDo can easily produce 1LB, 1.5LB, and 2.2LB loaves, and offer your bread in Light, Medium, or Dark crusts. It is a versatile machine that gives you more bread taste choices. It comes with a convenient large window through which you can easily observe the process of your bread making.

  • Powerful Motor and Uniform Heating:

CalmDo features a large torque DC mute motor that quickly and evenly mixes your bread ingredients without disturbing your sleep. Its unique annular heating tube makes a uniform color bread with superior crust color and texture. 

  • Easy to Clean and Operate:

The CalmDo 2.2LB Bread Maker Machine has a sleek stainless steel design with a non-stick ceramic pan and removable cover lid that is super easy to clean up. The 10min power interruption recovery feature, the 60min automatic keep warm feature, and the 15h delay function, provide ample convenience in getting your desired bread.

  • Useful Accessories and Recipe Guide Included:

The additionally provided measuring cup, measuring spoon, and hook, help you prepare the bread ingredients accurately. There is an exclusive step-by-step recipe to guide you in making much healthier and cheaper bread than buying it from the store.

  • Intelligent Design

The CalmDo machine is power-packed with features and intelligent human design. It comes with a detachable lid designed for easy clean-up. You can open the door to pause the cooking cycle and close the door to resume the pre-programmed cooking cycle. The removable automatic dispensers can be programmed to add in your fruits and nuts at the right time. The machine gives out 5 beeps while cooking to alert you about the addition of the nuts. It then adds the nuts and fruits automatically. Most machines do not have this feature. 

Specifications of CalmDo 2.2LB Bread Maker

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  • Primary Material                             Metal
  • Programmable Settings               Yes
  • Loaf Size                                            2.2 lbs
  • Display Screen                                 LCD
  • Automatic Shut-Off                        Yes
  • Delay Start Timer                            Yes

Pros and Cons of CalmDo 2.2LB Bread Maker Machine

Pros of CalmDo Bread Maker Machine:

  • Even kneading and baking

The paddles knead the dough thoroughly, reaching every bit of the pan, so no patches of flour are left in the corners. The CalmDo 2.2LB Bread Maker Machine also maintains an even, gentle warmth as the dough rises so that the loaf doesn’t come out leaden and under-risen or over-proofed and collapsed. And finally, the machine should bake the bread to an even, golden brown on the medium setting, with no hot spots.

  • Durability

A strong motor won’t stall while kneading heavy whole-wheat dough and won’t break down after several months. The CalmDo 2.2LB Bread Maker Machine has a sturdy and functional motor and exterior design that not only looks but also feels quite sturdy. The machine does not wobble or shake while mixing the dough and is super-quiet as well.

  • Loaves

The CalmDo 2.2LB Bread Maker Machine was one of the few machines we tested that made loaves shaped like something you’d buy at the grocery store. It was the only machine that made great-looking bread every single time. White and whole-wheat loaves came out golden, with a tall, even dome, while gluten-free loaves rose well, baking up with a soft, spongy texture.

  • Accessories

The machine comes with added accessories like the recipe booklet and measuring cup, spoon, and hook to help you add an accurate amount of ingredients for the perfect results each time. The cookbook comes with 300 smart bread recipes that give you so many options to try out different bread varieties each time.

  • Easy-to-Clean

CalmDo 2.2LB Bread Maker has rich-looking stainless steel exteriors that can be cleaned easily with a single wipe. The machine is very low-maintenance. The interiors can also be maintained easily. The detachable lid facilitates easy cleaning. The non-stick bread pan also can be cleaned and maintained with soft scrub.

  • Easy-to-Use

Your health is a priority in the design of the bread maker. To ensure that the baking stays fresh and flavorful, just put the ingredients in the bread pan, select the type of bread, the size of your loaf, and the color of the crust at the touch of a button. For dads, mothers, family members, and friends who enjoy food, this is the ideal healthy Christmas present.

  • 60-Minute Warm Function

This CalmDo bread machine offers a 60-minute keep-warm function that keeps your bread fresh and warm for an hour until you sit down to relish it. This function helps you finish all your pending chores and then enjoy fresh and moist bread when you actually sit down to eat.

  • Large Viewing Window

The digital bread-making machine with a large glass touch panel makes the operation easier and more precise. It is more sophisticated in safety design, with multiple sides to dissipate heat to prevent accidental burns when viewing the state of delicious bread.

Cons of CalmDo Bread Maker Machine:

  • The non-stick coating of the bread pan may peel off at times.
  • Some feel the machine is not as calm as it claims to be. They found it making a loud noise when mixing or kneading.
  • The fruit and nut dispenser sometimes leaves holes in the loaves.

Why should you Invest in the CalmDo 2.2LB Bread Maker?

You need to put in a lot of effort for making bread from scratch. Right from kneading the dough by hand to waiting for it to rise, this process can be very time-consuming. Once the dough does rise, you need to give it the perfect shape of a loaf. Then, put it in the oven and keep monitoring it until it is finished. Imagine, if all this is done by a machine wherein you can set all the features like the color of the crust, type of bread loaf to get the perfect kneading and rising done, timer, etc.! 

Bread making can seem like child’s play with the CalmDo 2.2LB bread maker. It comes with some amazing features and the added fruit and nut dispenser that mixes the add-ins at the right time. If you plan to make bread at home from scratch, you need to have lots of time in hand and be ready to put in a lot of effort.

Considering these issues, it is ideal to invest in a bread maker. The CalmDo 2.2LB Bread Maker is an excellent bread-making machine that understands your needs and requirements perfectly. All you need to do is to add your desired ingredients, set the menu options, and leave for your work or outing to come home to a perfectly baked bread loaf.

FAQS on CalmDo 2.2LB Bread Maker Machine

Can you make Cheese bread? Does it come with a cookbook?

To make cheese bread you can choose program 10. This program prepares the yeast dough for buns, pizza crusts, etc. to bake in a conventional oven. There is no baking in this program. This machine comes with a cookbook that is full of amazing bread recipes.

Does the machine come with a warranty?

Yes, CalmDo 2.2LB Bread Maker Machine comes with a one-year warranty. Each and every piece is tested for quality and function.

Do you have to take the mixing paddle out?

I remove it after the last kneading to have only a small hole in the bread. For a basic bread (#1) after 1h 35 mins (or when there is 1:40 left on the timer).  I remove the mold from the machine, turn it upside down to take out the dough, remove the blade and put the dough back, and mold it back in place.

How many Watts operate this CalmDo 2.2LB Bread Maker Machine?

Our bread maker machine is 120 Volt, 60 Hz, 680 Watts. Hope it can help u.

Can I use this to make dough, not bake?

Yes, u can, there is a setting for dough in the machine.

I was sent a CalmDo instead of the Dunwro. Is one better than the other? Should I return the one I got or just keep it?

As far as its capabilities, it’s the best bread machine I’ve owned, could not believe how perfect the bread came out. Yes, I think you should keep this machine and try baking at least once or twice. You can always return it if you are not satisfied.

Does the pan have a ceramic nonstick coating, i.e. PFOA free?

Yes, CalmDo 2.2LB Bread Maker Machine does have it.


I now spend more time at home and have developed an interest in baking since the covid 19 outbreak. I recently wanted to make my own homemade bread, so I looked up a bread maker on the Internet and looked for YouTube product videos. This CalmDo 2.2LB Bread Maker Machine has 15 different settings making it a programmable bread maker in addition to being simple to use. Different baked dishes, such as basic bread, French bread, whole-wheat bread, and others, can be customized using 15 preset programs. Additionally, it performs uniform heating.

I can now enjoy freshly baked bread whenever I want since I purchased this bread maker. I was happy with this purchase overall. I would recommend you all give this CalmDo bread maker machine a try. It is amazingly easy to use and gives the perfect bread every time.