If you and your family are bread lovers, then you probably include one or more loaves of bread in your breakfast meal. Buying bread from the store can be inconvenient and costly in the long run.

Fortunately, you can get around this problem by investing in a bread maker. This is an important appliance for every modern kitchen. With one of the best bread makers, you’ll be able to enjoy fresh bread anytime you want without going to the store or spending money. Though the initial purchasing amount can seem high, you’re going to save a lot of money eventually. If that sounds good, then you shouldn’t hesitate to buy this amazing unit.

Why Should You Buy a Bread Maker? 

A bread maker is like any other essential appliance that a modern kitchen shouldn’t live without. It’s particularly important for a home with kids. Generally, children are lovers of bread and they will always appreciate having some slices in the morning before they go to school or in the evening when they come home. 

Bread makers are user-friendly units. They require minimal energy and time in making loaves of bread. This machine allows you to do other important chores like cooking dessert or the main course meal, which reduces workload significantly.

Additionally, making pieces of bread with bread makers is neater than using ovens. Mostly, when you use your oven to make bread, you end up creating a lot of messes in the kitchen such as dirty utensils and counter as you have to undergo various processes prior to baking inside the oven. A bread maker eliminates all these hassles because the entire process of bread making is done in a single container.

Last but not least, a bread maker minimizes costs and allows you to save money. These machines use less electricity and utilize fewer raw materials compared to the oven. That helps to cut down the cost and, therefore, save money.

Reason To Buy a Bread Maker

What are the Features of the Best Bread Maker?

There are many bread makers out there from different brands. Unfortunately, not everyone is suitable for your needs. For that, you have to choose the most appropriate for you to buy and these are the features you should look for:

  1. Non-Stick Pan

One of the features you should look for in a good break maker is whether it comes with a non-stick pan. It can be very annoying if you’re struggling to remove the bread after it’s cooked. When you choose a unit with a non-stick pan, you won’t need to worry about this issue. Your piece of bread will smoothly slip out of the pan after baking and with the perfect shape that you want. It won’t have tears and missing pieces because it is stacked to the pan. 

  1. Adjustable Loaf Size

The market has many different types of bread makers that are designed to only make one specific size of the loaf. However, if you would like to get a unit that can create various sizes, then you must ensure you choose one that’s going to let you adjust the size of your loaf. b

This feature helps to ensure that you don’t overcook your bread in case you’re baking a small one. It also allows you to make larger pieces of bread that are enough for the entire family or friends. With this feature, you won’t have to worry whether the bread you’re baking will be sufficient for everybody or not. 

  1. Delayed Start

How convenient would it be if your bread maker machine was able to create bread in your absence so that when you get back home, you find the bread ready and fresh for a bite? Well, this is where the ‘Delayed Start’ feature comes into play. 

The feature helps to make sure that you always have fresh bread when you need it whether for dinner or breakfast. It’s also a great feature to take some of your stress off, especially when planning an event such as a party. 

  1. Programmable

A programmable bread maker means that you can easily set the time that you wish to bake, the temperature, and everything in between. If there will be any mixing into the loaf, the programmable feature will also allow you to adjust the unit’s settings to ensure you don’t overbake or underbake your loaves. 

  1. Auto Shut-Off

What happens when you leave your bread maker baking and you, unfortunately, get engaged in some other chores around the home and forget you were making some bread in the kitchen? Well, this is one of the situations where the automatic shut-off feature comes in handy. With the feature, your bread maker will shut itself down when the baking cycle is complete and won’t continue to operate.

  1. Crust Colors

This feature is important for successful baking in your kitchen. It allows you to choose from light or dark crust while still ensuring that your bread gets fully backed on the inside. 

  1. Gluten-Free Settings

More and more families opting for gluten-free diets and this is making many to making their own loaves of bread at home. This option is more cost-effective and usually healthier than buying loaves of bread from a store. 

Gluten-free loaves of bread require special conditions such as different temperatures and times, which the conventional bread maker doesn’t do properly. 

Best Gluten Free Bread Makers Reviews

Fortunately, the market has machines that are specifically designed for creating gluten-free loaves of bread. When you have such a unit, you rest assured that all its settings are going to work well with your dough. 

  1. Window

The best bread makers are equipped with a window that allows you to keep an eye on your bread. The feature lets you ensure that your bread is baked correctly and to your specifications. 

  1. Alarm

This feature plays an important role in alerting you as soon as your bread is ready. That allows you to remove it on time from the unit and avoid it sticking to the pan or becoming overcooked. 

  1. Dishwasher-safe parts

You’ll require cleaning your machine after every baking session to keep it ready for next time use. Cleaning such a complex appliance isn’t easy. With that in mind, you need to choose a bread maker with parts that are machine washable. 

A unit whose removable parts such as the baking pan are dishwasher-safe means that you can clean with ease using your dishwasher. 

  1. Yeast Dispenser

If you want to invest in a unit with the ‘Delayed Start’ feature, where you simply set the machine to bake bread at a later time, then you’ll want to ensure that it includes a yeast dispenser. That allows your yeast not to be added to the dough very early as it can lead to your bread not rising properly. 

If you’re able to add the yeast at the right time during the mixing process, you’ll be certain that you’re going to get a fully and correctly risen loaf of bread always. 

  1. Direct Current Motor

Some kitchen appliances are noisy and bread makers may not be different. It can be pretty annoying if you can’t make a loaf of bread at night or early in the morning because you’re afraid that the machine will wake everyone else up. 

A noisy appliance can also be a nuisance for parents with babies. Fortunately, you can avoid this issue by choosing a machine that comes with a direct current motor. The motor is quieter and will let you make bread without disturbing anyone’s peace.  

  1. Jam Maker

Some bread makers do more than just making great loaves of bread. If you’re a lover of fresh jam then opting for a machine with a jam-making feature will be a great way of ensuring a consistent supply of fresh homemade jam. A machine with this feature just requires you to add sugar, fruit, pectin, and lemon juice and allow it to make jam for you. 

  1. Included Recipes

If you haven’t baked bread before, you may need some little help in the process. The best bread makers come with real and tried recipes that surely work to help you get started. With these recipes, the amount of pressure and stress that come with creating a delicious loaf is eliminated.

Additionally, the recipes ensure that you’re successful in making it type of bread you want with your new machine. By making outstandingly great loaves of bread for your family and guests, you boost your confidence in the kitchen.

  1. Power Cord Length

The length of the power cord can also be convenient or inconvenient in your kitchen. Depending on the nature of your kitchen counter and where the power outlet is located, the length of the cord determines the amount of flexibility you’ll enjoy in the kitchen. 

Always go for a unit that comes with a long cord to ensure unlimited flexibility. Some of the best bread makers feature power cord lengths of about 39 or 40 inches. That’s a good length that won’t restrict your freedom. 

10 Best Bread Maker Reviews

1. KBS 17-in-1 Programmable 2LB Bread Machine

KBS 17-in-1 Programmable 2LB Bread Machine

71jUyM NiML. AC SL1500

Key Features

  • 17 Customised Auto Programs
  • Stick-Free Ceramic Pan
  • Large Window for a View
  • Powerful & Quiet motor 

As its name suggests, this machine makes large-sized bread enough for a big family. With the adjustable loaf capacity feature, this unit is suitable for anyone. You can make even a 1lb loaf or 1.5lb loaf depending on your family size. What’s more, this unit features 17 pre-programmed menu settings, including whole-wheat, quick bread, jam, gluten-free, etc.

The durable construction helps the unit to withstand the pressure of constant baking and guarantees a long life of service. Its sleek and appealing stainless steel body with a tempered glass lid matches well the rest of your kitchen décor.

The uniquely made stick-resistant ceramic pan and the detachable fruit dispenser make your baking experience as smooth as possible. With this machine, you not only get delicious bread but also healthier one.

Additionally, this unit includes a user-friendly touch digital control panel with great features that contribute to a hassle-free bread-making experience. The 15-hour Delay Timer and the 1-hour Auto keep warm as well as the 15-minute power interruption recovery lets you enjoy fresh bread anytime you want.

The AC motor of this bread maker is powerful and operates at low noise to ensure a noise-free baking environment. Other useful accessories and a user manual are included to ensure the unit is as versatile as possible.


  • Superior construction allows many years of service
  • Ceramic pan delivers healthy & evenly baked bread
  • Intuitive digital control panel
  • Can make a large-sized break for family


  • Some previous buyers say it’s not very quiet

2. Cuisinart 2Lb Loaf Bread Maker – Automatic

Cuisinart 2lb loaf Bread Maker – Automatic

81dwzmAu3HL. AC SL1500

Key Features

  • 3 crust stings
  • 12 pre-programmed menu settings
  • Removable baking pan and kneading paddle
  • 13-hour Delay Timer

Cuisinart 2lb Loaf Bread Maker utilizes advanced technology that delivers unmatched crust color, consistent texture, and great flavor. It offers you 3 crust shades to choose from, light, medium, and dark. 

This unit is also a perfect option for someone with a large family. That’s because it makes up to a 2lb loaf of bread. What’s more, it includes a vertically designed backing pan to allow a compact, counter-friendly design that makes it an excellent unit for kitchens with limited counter space. 

Its 12 pre-programmed menu settings allow a fully automated baking experience, user-friendliness, and versatility. You make healthy and delicious bread with this machine that suits your family’s preference. 

The baking pan and kneading paddle are removable to ensure an easy and stress-free cleaning experience. What’s more, the unit comes with a 13-hour Delay start timer to allow you to have fresh loaves of bread any time you want. 

There’s also a convenient viewing window through which you can peep in and monitor the baking process to ensure things are happening as per your liking. The interior lights help you see the bread as it’s baked. 


  • Easy cleaning pan and kneading paddle
  • Large capacity bread for the entire family
  • Automated, smooth baking experience
  • Viewing window for easy monitoring of baking process


  • Cleaning could be easier

3. Hamilton Beach 2Lb Capacity Bread Maker

Hamilton Beach 2Lb Capacity Bread Maker

61yF7nEnb8L. AC SL1500

Key Features

  • Adjustable loaf size capacity
  • 12 pre-programmed menu settings
  • Intuitive digital display
  • Dishwasher-safe stick-free pan & kneading paddle

Whether you’re a seasonal cooker or just a beginner who wants to learn to make delicious bread at home, the Hamilton Beach 2Lb Capacity Bread Maker offers you the opportunity to do exactly that. This unit comes with over 25 recipes that are formulated to get you started. With the recipes, you can easily make French loaves of bread, gluten-free, bread, white bread, Italian Parmesan, Cinnamon-raisin burns, etc. 

This versatility is made possible by the fact that the unit offers 12 pre-programmed menu settings including basic, gluten-free, and others as mentioned above. Additionally, you can choose between baking a 1.5lb or 2.0lb bread depending on the needs of your family. 

The large digital control panel allows perfect viewing and selection of the crust, cycle, and loaf size. Its Delay Timer lets you add ingredients at exactly the right time and allow you to enjoy fresh bread when you precisely need it. 

Both its baking pan and kneading paddles are removable and machine-washable. That lets you clean them with great ease and quickly. Generally, Hamilton Beach 2Lb Capacity Bread Maker is one of the best units for at-home baking and particularly great at preparing the dough. 


  • Both pan and kneading paddles are dishwasher-safe
  • Can make 1.5lb or 2lb bread as you like
  • Over 25 free recipes to get you started
  • User-friendly control panel facilitates easy operation


  • The unit is Costly

4. Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus Breadmaker

Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus Breadmaker

71cA0pUtsvL. AC SL1394

Key Features

  • Dual-kneading blades
  • Dual bottom heaters
  • LCD display 
  • Multiple pre-programmed menu options
  • Rapid setting
  • 700 watts power
  • 39-inch power cord

Zojirushi 2lb Home Bakery’s 700 watts motor is powerful and does great mixing and kneading to ensure you get the best results that you want. Thanks to its multiple pre-programmed menu settings, you can make various healthy meals, including wheat, Gluten-free, Vegan, Rapid whole wheat, multi-grain, salt-free, etc. 

This unit helps you make your favorite bread in less than 2.5 hours thanks to the Rapid course feature. Moreover, the large and intuitive LCD display plus the easy-to-use key code makes the selection of courses easier and hassle-free. 

The dual kneading blades deliver a superior kneading process to allow your dough to be perfectly ready. That combined with the dual heaters at the bottom as well as the lid makes the bread maker deliver even baking, consistent texture, and browning for store-like results. 

Lastly, the unit comes with a 39-inch power cord that allows you easy access to a power socket while still place it safely on your kitchen counter. 


  • LCD display facilitates easy operation
  • Rapid settings allow faster baking
  • Dual-kneading blades deliver the perfect dough
  • Dual-heaters allow perfect results
  • 2lb bread for the entire family
  • A long power cord allows great flexibility


  • Cleaning can be a headache

5. Pohl Schmitt 2LB Bread Maker

Pohl Schmitt 2LB Bread Maker

81l3aoLeFcL. AC SL1500

Key Features

  • Digital display
  • Delay timer
  • Removable stick-free timer
  • 14 pre-programmed menu settings
  • Convenient viewing window

When you want a high-quality unit that will ensure a smooth baking process in your kitchen, the Pohl Schmitt 2LB Bread Maker is the unit for you. Its 14 pre-programmed settings allow you to make healthy and delicious bread varieties any time you want. 

You can easily make French bread, Whole Grain Bread, Quickbread, Cake, Dough, and a host of other homemade bread – you make the kind of bread that you want. This unit comes with a digital display that allows for easy operations. 

Its Delay time lets you add ingredients and then choose your favorite cycle crust and loaf size that you want and then choose the perfect time to make the bread. With this unit, you also have access to fresh bread anytime you want. 

The stick-free pan is removable to allow easy cleaning. Its kneading paddle is also simple to clean, which gives you a stress-free cleaning experience and keeps the unit ready for the next session. The unit’s reminder helps to alert you when to add the final ingredients so that you can achieve the perfect store-like results you want. 

Additionally, the unit has a convenient viewing window that allows you to easily monitor the entire baking process from the outside. This problem’s quality is unmatched and is designed with customer satisfaction in mind. 


  • Easy cleaning of pan and kneading paddle
  • Delay Timer for fresh bread anytime
  • 14 pre-programmed menu settings
  • Large bread size for the entire family
  • 3 crust settings
  • Adjustable loaf size


  • Some parts still look flimsy

6. CalmDo 2.2LB Bread Machine

CalmDo 2.2LB Bread Machine

81gLbwkmonL. AC SL1500

Key Features

  • 3 crust settings
  • 3 different loaf sizes
  • 15 pre-programmed options
  • Stick-resistant ceramic pan
  • 15-hour Delay Timer

CalmDo 2.2LB Bread Machine gives you 3 crust color settings to choose from; light, dark, and medium depending on your taste and preference. This machine also features an adjustable loaf size feature that allows you to make 1 pound, 1.5 pound, and 2.2 pound loaves depending on your family size. 

The 15 pre-programmed menu settings allow you to automatically create your favorite bread flavor and other foods, including Fresh Bread, basic bread, quick bread, whole-wheat bread, gluten-free bread, sandwich, etc. 

Additionally, the 15-hour delay timer lets you enjoy fresh bread anytime you want. The 60-minute auto keeps warm and the 10-minute power interruption recovery makes your bread-making process smooth. 

This unit’s powerful motor does the mixing and kneading smoothly and without generating a lot of noise that can wake your family members up. It’s an excellent machine for any modern home. The measuring cup and spoon, hook, and recipe guide help you get started in making healthier and more delicious bread. 


  • Useful accessories help in mixing ingredients
  • Smooth baking process
  • Powerful motor makes minimal noise
  • Convenient adjustable loaf size feature


  • It’s not one of the durable kinds

7. AICOOK 2LB Bread Maker

AICOOK Bread Maker

81uENNdzyuL. AC SL1500

Key Features:

  • 13-hour Delayed Timer
  • 13-in-1 versatility; gluten-free, etc.
  • 650W motor
  • Stick-free pan 

AICOOK 2LB Bread Maker’s 13 settings allow you great versatility in your bread-making at home. It’s made to ensure you enjoy healthy bread with settings including quick bread, gluten-free, cake, sweet bread, etc. 

Additionally, the LCD display and the user-friendly button controls make it easy for anyone to operate this machine. The 13-hour pre-programmed settings make things even more convenient for you and the entire bread-making process smoother. 

Its pan is smartly designed to ensure even baking and consistent texture. This pan is non-stick and simple to clean. With this unit, you can easily make a 2-pound loaf enough for your family. The detachable fruit dispenser makes your baking great with amazing, restaurant-like results. 


  • Stainless steel design matches well with your kitchen décor
  • A stick-free baking pan is easy to clean
  • Makes 2-pound bread enough for a family
  • Store-like baking results


  • The unit is a bit noisy

8. Zojirushi BB-CEC20 2-Pound-Loaf Home Bakery

Zojirushi BB-CEC20 Home Bakery

61EplGjPYUL. AC SL1112

Key Features:

  • Powerful 700W motor
  • 10 pre-programmed controls
  • Intuitive LCD control panel
  • 13-hour Delay Timer

The Zojirushi BB-CEC20 2-Pound-Loaf Home Bakery’s dual-blade makes rectangular-shaped 2lbs loaves ideal for a large-sized family. Its large viewing window allows you to watch the baking process to ensure that everything is happening as per your preference.

You can set the time that you want the machine to start making bread thanks to its convenient 13-hour Delay timer. That will allow you to enjoy fresh bread any time you want it. Cleaning this unit is very easy because of the removable non-stick baking pan. 

The 10 pre-programmed controls allow you great convenient and customized bread making. Also, the 3 crust settings let you choose between lighter and darker shades for the perfect bread that your family will love. Moreover, there are bonus measuring spoon and cup, user manual, and useful recipes included.


  • Easy-to-use LCD control panel
  • 3 crust settings
  • Non-stick baking pan is easy-to-clean
  • Large size loaves for family
  • Viewing window for easy monitoring
  • Durable & solid construction


  • Not ideal for kitchens with limited space

9. Breadman 2lb Pro Bread Maker

Breadman Pro Bread Maker

71YZuNPgFBL. AC SL1500

Key Features:

  • Powerful 850W motor
  • 14 baking settings
  • Collapsible kneading paddle

Breadman 2lb Pro Bread Maker utilizes advanced baking technology that allows you to achieve an even crust color, texture consistency, and perfect flavor. Its 14 baking settings let you choose the bread type you want to make and how dark or light you need it. 

The machine is equipped with low-carb, artisan loaves and gluten-free functions that allow you to make healthy and delicious loaves for your family. The 850W motor is powerful, energy-efficient, and produces a minimal amount of noise. 

What’s more, this unit’s uniquely made kneading paddle conveniently collapses before the baking starts to prevent creating holes in your loaf. The bonus spoon and measuring cup helps a lot in the bread-making process. 


  • Allows even crust color
  • Consistent texture & perfect flavor
  • 14 baking settings allow great versatility
  • No holes on the bottom of your bread


  • The kneading paddle still scraps up the bottom of the pan

10. Oster ExpressBake 2-lb Bread Maker

Oster Expressbake Bread Maker

71WZD0AAaKL. AC SL1500

Key Features:

  • 650W powerful motor
  • LCD display
  • Easy-to-use button control
  • 3 crust options

Oster Expressbake 2-lb Breadmaker allows you to make 2-pound loaf capacity enough for you and your family. With 12 bread options and 3 crust settings, you’re free to make your favorite bread for dinner or breakfast. 

Additionally, the 13-hour programmable bread-making time lets you enjoy fresh loaves anytime you want. The unit is fast and will make you bread in less than an hour. The large LCD display and the intuitive button settings make the operation of this machine easy. 

To increase convenience in your kitchen, the unit has a 40-inch power cord. This cord allows you great flexibility around your kitchen countertop. Generally, this bread maker is powerful, convenient, and efficient. 


  • Makes enough bread for the family
  • 12 bread settings allow you great convenience
  • Easily choose from 3 crust options
  • The LCD display makes operation easy
  • 40-inch cord increase flexibility


  • It’s hard to pull the pan out when making a 2-pound loaf

Final Thought

A bread maker can be a valuable investment for any family that loves having bread often. You can save a lot of money by investing in one. Our review and buying guide was meant to help you buy the right machine for your needs. Buy one of the above units and enjoy fresh bread anytime you want. 


Which Brand of bread maker machine is best?

There are many reputable bread maker brands out there. 
Best overall: Hamilton Beach, Breville, and Cuisinart. 
Best for value: Aicook, Zojirushi, and Oster Expressbake. 
Best for versatility: KBS and Breadman. 

Do break makers make healthier bread?

Bread makers are certainly healthy. Since you’re making bread at home, you have an opportunity to choose exactly what goes into your bread. That allows you to make recipes according to your family’s dietary preferences. 

How long can homemade bread last?

Typical homemade bread can last 3 to 4 days. With refrigeration, you can increase its shelf life by up to 5 days.  

What else can you cook in a bread machine?

A bread maker is a valuable investment. The best bread maker doesn’t just make loaves of bread but other recipes as well, including, Cake, Jam, Rice dishes, Meatloaf, Scrambled eggs, Sauces, and soups as well as Yoghurt.