So how is your cooking experience going? We hope it is going pretty good. So are you a good chef who cooks delicious dishes every other night, and your whole family praises you? Do you have a baking business that you love and would want to grow? 

But do you think everyone is a good cook? Even if you are, would you not want to make your cooking experience more accessible and save some energy? What about your business? Wouldn’t you want to save up some of your time and energy on the things you do daily and what people eat so you could think of new ideas to include in your bakery business? 

We have got a solution to all the problems mentioned above, which is the use of technology. We live in 2022, and technology has reached the sky, so why do we have to be left behind? So we are here to suggest something for your kitchen that could save up your time, energy and money—three of the most essential things in your life. 

So what is it? It is a machine which you could use every single day. To make bread loaves, jams, dough, maybe pound cakes and more. What is it exactly? It is a Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker. It is one of the finest bread makers in the market. This Breville BBM800XL Custom Loaf Bread Maker review lets us check it out in detail. 

About Breville Custom Loaf Maker

So we did mention earlier that Breville Custom Loaf Maker is one of the finest bread makers in the market in brief. But did you wonder why we said that? Well, you must have. So let us answer all your questions about Breville Custom Loaf Maker in this Breville Custom Loaf Maker review. 

Breville is known to produce the finest high-end appliances, and it would not be wrong if we said that too. They are simple but accurate and cater to numerous functions. The Breville appliance discussed in this article is Breville Custom Loaf Maker. 

Breville Custom Loaf Maker is a pretty easy to use, compact and affordable bread maker that will suit your kitchen no matter your aesthetic. This is because of its beautiful and sleek stainless steel body. It has an easy-open door, and it can bake up to 2 ½ pounds of bread loaf. 

It comes with an instruction manual and a recipe book in its packaging. Along with that, you will find a warranty card. This includes a 1 year warranty, so make sure you read it carefully and keep it safe to save up your money on repairs when required. 

Yes, we call it a bread maker, but Breville Custom Loaf Maker is more than just that. It can bake bread loaves, of course, but it can also prepare types of doughs, be it for pizza, pasta or more. It can bake pound cakes and even jams. So what are you waiting for ? Dive into this Breville Custom Loaf Maker review. 

Features of Breville Custom Loaf Maker

Let us give more proof to prove our claims that Breville Custom Loaf Maker is one of the finest bread makers in the market. And how would we do that? We will describe all of its features to you, and you can decide if Breville Custom Loaf Maker is ‘one of the finest bread makers in the market’.

Stainless Steel Body

So are you a minimalist? Or are you a maximalist? Do you like colors, or does your interest lie in keeping it simple with light and fewer colors? Whatever your aesthetic is, Breville Custom Loaf Maker can suit your kitchen. Why so?

Because it has a beautiful and sleek stainless steel body that shines in every kitchen and takes up pretty little space in your kitchen, when someone walks into your kitchen, they will notice your Breville Custom Loaf Maker but only adore it.

Do not worry if you are messy while cooking and spill flour everywhere. Do not worry if you are not a ‘Monica Geller’ who cleans all their things every other day because Breville Custom Loaf Maker has a stainless steel body. Things do not easily stick on and quickly get cleaned when something makes them dirty. 

Cooling Vents

So you live in a place where you sweat all day and burn your skin because the sun is shining just too much? Are you melting because of this heat? All you can do to help this is get an air conditioner, turn on your ceiling fan, move to a colder place, or slow down global warming. 

But your appliances do not have to face this heat and get damaged. Which we all know often happens. When our electrical devices get overheated, they might get damaged and sometimes burst out, causing a lot of damage. So why do you want to invite that? You do not. 

Therefore, Breville Custom Loaf Maker has cooling vents on its sides. Wherever it gets heated, which it usually does because its purpose is to get heated and bake our bread, it cools itself out by pushing out the hot wind through its cooling vent, giving it a more extended and safer life saving you from physical and financial trouble. 

Quart Wraps

How irritated do you get when you see all those wires off your appliances entangling with each other, lying here and there coming in the way of your daily tasks? Don’t you feel like throwing them out and getting your home cleaned? But you cannot do that because those appliances are essential, they do a good job, and you paid for them.

So what can you do about them? You could take some time to organize them and maybe make it a habit to keep the wires arranged and wrapped up. But where and how? Now that is a problem. But with Breville Custom Loaf Maker you do not have to worry about that because it comes with Quart wraps to wrap its wire around it to keep it from tangling or hanging here and there.

Also, the Breville Custom Loaf Maker wire has a plug with a handle in it. It looks more like a hole but works like a handle. This is helpful when you need to plug it in without losing its grip. 

Non-Stick Bread Mold

So you knead the dough for your bread or prepare the batter for your cake, brush the bread mold with some butter, place a butter paper, and then put in your dough to bake it. How much time would that take? And what if the butter or butter paper was not enough, and your bread or cake got stuck to the mold? How would you feel about eating a bread or a cake that did not come out as a whole?

Well, we know how that would feel, and so does Breville. So what did it do about this? It introduced a non-stick bread mold. You do not have to butter it or place butter paper on it, no matter how sticky your dough is. The dough does not get stuck on the mold, and the loaf of delicious bread you baked comes out in perfect shape. 

Since it is a non-stick mold, you don’t have to worry about hours of careful scrubbing of the mold since you would be afraid that it might have scratches. It has an efficient non-stick coating that quickly gets cleaned.

You also do not have to be an experienced baker who knows about all these baking appliances to fix the bread mold into the Breville Custom Loaf Maker. It has a wing nut on the bottom that lets you know that you have perfectly installed your bread mold when you hear a slight ‘click’. 

Multiple Mixing Paddles/ Inbuilt Kneading

So tell us honestly, do you like kneading dough for any recipe? Most people will reply with a no. And if you do like kneading dough, here is something that could save up your time. You will not have to get the stitch flour out of your fingers and struggle with kneading the dough.

And how would that happen? You know, kneading is a difficult job. But not anymore. With Breville Custom Loaf Maker, it just takes a few minutes for you and all the kneading is done by Breville Custom Loaf Maker. All you have to do is pour in all the ingredients of your dough and set the Breville Custom Loaf Maker to knead it for you; wait for a few minutes, and you are all done with the kneading. 

But how does Breville Custom Loaf Maker knead your dough? It does not have hands and fingers, but it does have a pair of paddles. Breville provides two paddles with your Breville Custom Loaf Maker. One is for kneading your dough, and the other is for preparing jam. Yes, you can make jam in Breville Custom Loaf Maker. 

The best thing about the paddles is that they move up and down in the bottom of the mold, and when it is time to bake, they lie flat on the mold’s floor so that your bread does not have a massive hole in its bottom which most bread makers make. 


We know how satisfying it is to watch your cake or bread rise inside the oven. It goes up like a bubble and comes down as it goes ahead with baking. But not all ovens have good see-through glasses and efficient lighting for you to look at your bread baking beautifully.

So to satisfy your wishes, you open the oven door, take a look at your beautiful bread and run back to tell everyone that your bread will be a hit. What you do not realize while doing that is that you are taking away a significant amount of heat from your baking device when you open the door, which greatly affects baking. 

But what do we do? We like looking at how beautiful our hard work looks. Yes, you do, and Breville has a solution to that too. It installs a small but efficient light source in the baking area to help you watch your bread baking to the brim and fall back to get a bubbly texture. 

Mix-up Compartment

Wouldn’t you love to have some herbs in your warm bread that gives your taste bud a reason to generate liquids in your mouth? Yes, it does sound lovely and tempting. It is easy to do so when you knead your dough with your hands. You just add in herbs as you knead your dough. But as we discussed before, not everyone likes to knead the dough with their hands. So how do we get herbs or any other mix-ups in your bread?

Breville Custom Loaf Maker has got a solution to that. It has included a tiny mix-up compartment above the bread mold. You can just pour your favored mix-ups in this compartment, and it will keep adding this into your bread’s dough from time to time as it is being kneaded. So you will have an even amount of mix-up in your delicious bread, which has now been made even more delicious. 

Setting Buttons

Do you remember those old ovens with a cavity on the wall made of mud, and you just shove in the bread mold and let it cook there? The bread and pizza cooked like that taste delicious, but what about all the trouble? 

To increase or decrease the heat, you would have to put some wood or take it out and then see if it got adjusted to the temperature you want to cook your bread in. Then you would have to take care of the humidity for different types of baking. Remember for how long your bread has been there and sometimes come back to a burnt bread. Would you still like that? No, right? 

So in today’s world, we have the advantage of technology, and we use it to the best. So does Breville Custom Loaf Maker by introducing eight buttons that serve different purposes each. 

  • The first button on the top left serves as the temperature unit setting button. Whether you want the temperature to be in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit or any other unit, you can set it as you wish. 
  • The second button is the mute button. If you do not like audible indications of your baking process, you can always mute it.
  • The third button is to turn the light on and off. You must press the button and keep it pressed for as long as you want the light to glow. 
  • The first button below the LCD interface is for the 13-hour delay start function.
  • The second button is to modify the pre-programmed setting for different types of loaves of bread.
  • The third button is to cancel the settings.
  • The fourth is to Start or pause the baking. This can be used when you want to add some toppings to your bread or make a design on it. 
  • The final and the most giant button uses the navigation button. It helps you navigate through the settings. 

LCD Interface

You have made all the settings, but you need to cross-check if you have made the correct settings. Because maybe sometimes you might put in the ingredients of French bread and set the Breville custom loaf maker to the regular bread settings, and then finally, when it’s done, you will come back to a French bread without having a crunchy crust. 

So to avoid this situation, a Breville custom loaf maker is mounted with an LCD interface for you to see what settings you have made. It displays all the programmes for cooking, the timing set and left for the bread to be cooked, the temperature, the status of baking and more. 

Specifications of Breville Custom Loaf Maker

So now, let us look at the specifications of the Breville custom loaf maker. 

Specifications of Breville Custom Loaf Maker

814mAx TNwL. AC SL1500
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Item weight: 16.85 pounds
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Wattage: 830 watts
  • Item dimensions: 9.8 x 15.7 x 13.9 inches

Pros and Cons of Breville Custom Loaf Maker

Let us look at the two sides of the coin. The coin is a Breville custom loaf maker.


  • Stainless steel body
  • Efficient and big LCD interface.
  • Makes loaves of bread and jams.
  • 1 year warranty.


  • You can find cheaper alternatives. 


So you have now gone through all of the Breville custom loaf maker details in this article. It is one of the finest bread makers in the market at this price and has a high-end look and functions. 

It is easy to use and understand, even for beginners. It is best if you have a home bakery or if you are a home cook. Your customers and family will love your loaves of bread, jams and a lot more prepared in a Breville custom loaf maker.