If you and your family love having bread for breakfast or a snack when you come back from work, you’ll find it more convenient and cost-effective to have the capacity to make loaves right in your kitchen. To do that, you’ll need one of the best bread maker machines and you won’t go wrong with the Breville BBM100 bread maker. 

This machine is an excellent choice for anyone for a family with special dietary needs and that which finds it hard to find the variety of bread they love from local stores. This horizontal bread maker allows you to enjoy restaurant-quality baking results in the comfort of your kitchen. 

Breville BBM100 Bread Maker

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Features at a Glance

  • 9 pre-programmed menu options
  • 13-hour Delay Timer
  • Rapid bake function
  • Power Interruption protection
  • 3 Different crust colors
  • LED screen
  • Intuitive control panel

Breville BBM100 Bread Maker Basic Information

Breville bread maker comes with a compact body that’s a perfect fit for your kitchen countertop. The appliance measures 30 x 38 x 29.5 centimeters and weighs only 5.7 kilograms. It comes with a classic white color that enhances the look and matches well with your kitchen décor. 

Its innovative design with a vertical, easy-to-remove baking pan takes only a small space on your kitchen counter. The baking pan is non-stick and easy to remove to ensure you can clean it with ease after baking. 

The machine is completely user-friendly and comes with an instruction booklet with special recipes to get you started. Even if you had not made your favorite loaf of bread before, using this machine to make one is straightforward and quick.  

What Can Breville BBM100 Bread Maker Do?

With the 9 different automatic menu options, the Breville BBM100 Bread Maker makes a variety of bread recipes depending on your dietary requirements and the preferences of your family. You can decide to explore every one of them every day or just stick to a few of your favorites. These automatic programs include Basic, Rapid, Sweet, French, Yeast Free, Whole Wheat, Gluten-free, Bake only, and Dough.

With this machine, you can make a 1.5-pound or 2-pound loaf for your entire family. Thanks to its 13-hour delay timer, you and your family can enjoy freshly-baked loaves any time you want. You can add the ingredients to the machine, set it and wake up to a fresh loaf for breakfast. You don’t have to dash out to the bakery store anymore. 

Breville BBM100 Bread Maker is a family choice designed for families that love enjoying homemade varieties of bread instead of passing by the bakery store. Whether you’re a beginner who wants to enhance your baking skills or a seasoned cook who wants to try some bread recipes in their kitchen, this machine comes with all the basic features you need. 

What Are Some Interesting Features of Breville BBM100 Bread Maker

Breville BBM100 bread maker is a standout in the market and for good reasons. With this appliance, you can enjoy a freshly-baked load within 2.5 hours thanks to its convenient rapid bake function. The machine also allows you to choose from three crust colors any time you’re making your favorite loaf. 

You can choose from a dark crust, medium crust, or light crust depending on what you want at the moment. If your family prefers a specific type of bread, you can change the color of the crust each time you bake it so that you feel like you’re having something different from what you had previously. 

The LED screen allows you to track the progress of your bread to ensure that the process is moving on well. You can utilize the stop/start button to bring the process to a stop in case you realize that you need to. The intuitive control panel allows anyone to use this machine without any hassle. 

What Are The Technical Specifications of Breville BBM100 Bread Maker?

Breville BBM100 bread maker is constructed with safety in mind. It’s also made to serve you well for a long time. Its bottom is well-designed so that it can perfectly rest on your kitchen counter while baking. 

Additionally, the power interruption protection allows the machine to remain safe even when there are power interruptions. The ease of cleaning is enhanced by its sleek finish and construction, especially the baking pan and the kneading paddle. 

However, the appliance produces some vibrations while mixing and you may need to use a towel to prevent vibrating off the kitchen counter, especially when you’re not close. The LCD screen is bright enough to allow you to see the details with better clarity.

This bread maker utilizes 650 watts and when the kneading starts, it’s quite a quiet unit that won’t disturb everyone in the house. It comes with the standard 3 pin, 240V plug, which means you can use it in most parts of the world including Australia. 


  • The display is bright enough to see details clearly
  • The Control panel is easy to use for anyone
  • The unit makes great bread
  • 13-hour Delay Timer allows you to have fresh bread any time you want 
  • Bakes 750g bread quick
  • Booklet included with instruction and useful recipes
  • Produces minimal amount of noise
  • Sold at a reasonable price


  • The bread maker is unable to make very crusty loaves

Final ThoughtBreville BBM100 Bread Maker Machines

Breville BBM100 bread maker offers the best value for money. It’s the perfect appliance that any homeowner would want to have for freshly-baked loaves of bread at any time. The machine is energy-efficient and its compact body makes it a good fit for most kitchen countertops, including those with limited space. 

Investing in this machine is a great way of saving yourself from the hassles of dashing to your local bakery any time you want to have some bread. It’s also a sure way of having fresh bread at any time. You might find the initial price way too, but buying this machine will be a sure way of saving a lot of money in the long run.


Q1.What is the best bread maker in NZ?

There are many bread makers available for New Zealand, but these mentioned below are a few of our favorites and recommended also based on their features, specification, and buyer reviews

1. Panasonic Artisan Bread Maker 
2. Breville Baker’s Oven Bread Maker 
3. Sunbeam Bakehouse Bread Maker 
4. Breville the Bread Baker Breadmaker 

Q2. Is a bread maker better than an oven?

With a bread maker machine, you can use many different ingredients, including whole grains for superior results with the kind of bread you want. Bread made with a bread maker is better that store-bought or oven-baked. 

Q3. How long does homemade bread last?

Homemade bread can last between 3 to 4 days at room temperature. Refrigeration can boost the shelf life of your homemade bread to make it last for up to 5 days.